The Tough Love Workshop

I have, since I started this blog, started to receive a growing number of service requests from startups – issues ranging from founders’ pie, a free rider on board, venture funding etc. I unfortunately don’t have bandwidth to serve everyone, but a lot can be achieved in a single workshop.

Service Description

Every startup case is unique and thus requires meeting the key people face-to-face and diving into the case-specific details that matter. The first step is a one-day workshop, where we work together hands-on to help you identify, avoid and correct common mistakes, achieve business traction, and develop credibility in order to attract funding and position your venture for success. The workshop, while tailored to your specific needs, typically deals with the following themes:   

  • Helping founders divide the founder’s pie, and solving issues with non-functional co-founders
  • Setting up viable corporate and organizational structures to optimize for tax and funding
  • Building up superior teams with commitment and passion
  • Defining the minimum viable product and related set of features
  • Refining the business plan and investor pitch until they become investment-grade
  • Crafting down-to-earth product launch and go-to-market strategies
  • Attracting funding from the right investors at the right time at reasonable terms

To summarize, the single workshop gives you an excellent overview on what are the specific key issues in your company, and practical down-to-earth advice on how to deal with them.

Pricing and How to Order

The price of a Tough Love Workshop is 2,000 euros (not including VAT).

To order and schedule a workshop – and mutually qualify the need and fit – call me (+358 40 7250 476), send an email at mika (at) oakventures (dot) fi, or use the contact form below.

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